Think and Grow Rich

One of the classics recommended by the FI community to read is a book from 1937 called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  The premise of this book is that it is meant to be a how-to on becoming rich.  Hill spent approximately 25 years interviewing over 500 successful men and women to find... Continue Reading →

Learning to Communicate

What makes my wife and I work so well together is our ability to be on the same page for the 'big' things while being able to respectfully disagree about other things. Using finance as an example, Kayla is 100% on board with pursuing FI. She would love nothing more than for both of us... Continue Reading →

The $280,000 Conversation

This is the story of a very naive 22 year old Emily whose first boss set her on the path to earn more than a quarter of a million dollars over the course of her career than she thought she deserved. * Gazes off into the distance as the scene changes* I love me some... Continue Reading →

2019: The Year of the Side Hustle

I can't believe that it's already the first day of 2019. Wow that went by fast. Let's see how we did with our goals from last year and what we're looking to accomplish this year. Kayla's 2018 Goals One of Kayla's resolutions for 2018 was to try 1 new recipe per week, equaling 52 new... Continue Reading →

Pursuing FI is a Privilege

Recently, Mrs. Frugalwoods of the amazing blog, Frugalwoods, released a novel of their story towards Financial Independence called Meet the Frugalwoods. There have been many mixed reviews of this book. One response article in particular that I would like to address is called "Bring Frugal is for the Rich." The premise of the article is... Continue Reading →

How to Talk about FI

Pursuing Financial Independence (FI) proves to need a completely different mindset in relation to spending money and time than most. I don't want to make the broad statement that it is better, it is just different. A different set of choices, based on different options that most of today's working class may not even know... Continue Reading →

What is FI Anyway?

So far on the blog, I've spoken a lot about pursuing Financial Independence (FI) and how important it can be to living a happy and fulfilling life, but what does it really even mean? Financial Freedom The best way to describe Financial Independence is being in a state of freedom from financial stresses.  This can... Continue Reading →

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