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Why Financial Coaching?

Watching my parents struggle as they did, lead to my interest in financial security from a young age. This interest has caused me to gain a vast knowledge on the subject. I’ve shared this knowledge by giving advice to friends and family, finding along the way that I love this work.

I love taking a problem and looking at all the possible solutions to see if there’s a different path forward. It’s why I became an engineer and it’s what has lead me to starting this financial coaching business. I’ve helped others find their financial footing and I can help you too!

Getting a financial coach doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily bad with your money. It can always help to bring someone in who can be objective. So, if you’re interested in exploring financial coaching, take a look at the services offered below. I look forward to helping you to use your money to build the life you deserve.

Coaching Services Offered

Take Off Session

The Take Off Session is a 2 hour, introductory session to get your finances back to square one. This session will take each of your expenses and evaluate them through the lens of your values. Does every expense you make truly align with where you want your life to end up? This session will help you answer that question, along with many more, launching you towards your goals.

Session cost: $250

Continued Coaching

After your Take Off Session, if you are looking for a more hands on approach to your money, there is continued coaching offered.

One month of Coaching Sessions: $800
These weekly sessions over the course of one month will help you to learn how to:

  • Balance a Budget
  • Have a clear picture of your financial situation and future
  • Have confidence in maintaining and keeping your budget, planning ahead for short term upcoming expenses
  • Remove initial financial stress

Four months of Coaching Sessions: $450/month
Continued coaching every other week after completing the first month of coaching described above for the following 3 months. This package includes everything in the one month coaching package PLUS:

  • Overcome specific challenges
  • Set and keep financial goals
  • Refine budget and strategy to meet specific personal needs and targeted objectives
  • Understand and building credit score
  • Confidently plan ahead months out for all expenses and goals

Seven months of Coaching Sessions: $350/month
Continued coaching every other week after completing the first month of coaching described above for the following 6 months. This package includes everything in the four month coaching package PLUS:

  • Create the framework to allow for minimal thinking or stressing about money between paychecks.
  • Uses money to build a life based on goals and dreams.
  • Create feelings of pride and confidence over aligning values to expenses/savings
  • Calculate net worth
  • Learn basics of retirement savings
  • Understand basic tax strategies and deductions
  • Discuss benefits of estate planning
  • Reset your mindset to relieve your financial stress.

So, if you’re ready to take your finances to the next level, Click here to book a session with me now!

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