Money in the Media #4

A Paradigm Shift: The End Of Inheritance For The Middle Class While it was not a Monday release, Wednesday isn't such a bad compromise. This week we are taking a look at the article from "A Paradigm Shift: The End Of Inheritance For The Middle Class" by Patricia Barnes. This article touches on one... Continue Reading →

Subscription Culture

Everything we never knew we needed at our finger tips. Not to mention that you can get it on a monthly basis. From clothes and shoes to pet toys/treats and beer, you can get it in a monthly prescription. There are so many in fact that I found a site that listed the top 150... Continue Reading →

This Time it’s Personal

If you've started reading through any money related articles, books or blogs like this one, there will tend to be a lot of "textbook" advice. This attempts to give a one size fits all approach to personal finance. Unfortunately, there's a reason it's called Personal finance. There is no secret sauce that everyone can pour... Continue Reading →

Frugal February Challenge: Takeaways

Now that the Frugal February Challenge has come to it's natural end, how did we do? Better yet, did we learn anything? Well, our goal for this month was to stay under a $3000/month spend of total living expenses. How Did We Do? We did it!! Let's compare how much we spent in January vs.... Continue Reading →

Frugal February Challenge Check-in

Happy belated Valentine's Day everyone!! We're now officially halfway through our Frugal February Challenge and so far our spending has been FAR less than what we spent in January. Just take a look at this chart from our Personal Capital account. This chart may be from the end of last week, but the trend still... Continue Reading →

Crappy Salad or Aston Martin?

This is the true story of my former coworker, John. John is a car guy. I also love cars so we talk about them all the time. John also recently reached mortgage free life (yay!!) at age 57 and will be beefing up his retirement savings for the next 8 years or so since he... Continue Reading →

Savings Rate vs Investment Rate

Before getting into my topic today, I just wanted to take a second to reflect and wish everyone a Happy belated Thanksgiving! This year has been an absolute whirlwind for me with getting married, getting Lasik, starting this blog and all the little things that have happened in between. So, cheers to my wife, family... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about the F word.

Frugal. Over the course of the 20th century, frugal has become a dirty word synonymous with the word cheap. Once upon a time, being frugal was a revered skill set that almost all families needed to survive. Poor families on one income needed frugality to be able to feed their kids and pay the rent/mortgage.... Continue Reading →

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