The Search for Inner Peace

I have two seemingly unrelated side hustles. One, as I've discussed many times, is working with you lovely folks as a financial coach. The other is working at a gym as a Krav Maga instructor. I have done this for the past several years and mostly am not doing it to make money, but just... Continue Reading →

Our Debt Free Journey: We Did It!

The journey to debt freedom is step 1 for those wishing to pursue a life of financial independence. My wife and I are happy to announce that we have finally reached this step!! I found the FIRE movement back in early 2015 after I had paid off my own credit card and student loan debt.... Continue Reading →

Will You Be My FI Valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! To get those warm and fuzzy feelings flowing, I wanted to get in touch with how money can influence relationships, both for better and for worse. Romantic, right? According to a study performed by MagnifyMoney in 2017, money causes 21% of all divorces. This is a larger percentage than even infidelity.... Continue Reading →

Learning to Communicate

What makes my wife and I work so well together is our ability to be on the same page for the 'big' things while being able to respectfully disagree about other things. Using finance as an example, Kayla is 100% on board with pursuing FI. She would love nothing more than for both of us... Continue Reading →

2019: The Year of the Side Hustle

I can't believe that it's already the first day of 2019. Wow that went by fast. Let's see how we did with our goals from last year and what we're looking to accomplish this year. Kayla's 2018 Goals One of Kayla's resolutions for 2018 was to try 1 new recipe per week, equaling 52 new... Continue Reading →

Frugal February Challenge: Takeaways

Now that the Frugal February Challenge has come to it's natural end, how did we do? Better yet, did we learn anything? Well, our goal for this month was to stay under a $3000/month spend of total living expenses. How Did We Do? We did it!! Let's compare how much we spent in January vs.... Continue Reading →

Frugal February Challenge Check-in

Happy belated Valentine's Day everyone!! We're now officially halfway through our Frugal February Challenge and so far our spending has been FAR less than what we spent in January. Just take a look at this chart from our Personal Capital account. This chart may be from the end of last week, but the trend still... Continue Reading →

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