You Deserve to Spend Your Money

Too many times I've heard "I've earned my money. I deserve to spend it," as the justification for throwing away prior budgeting attempts. And you know what? You're right! You DO deserve to spend your money. You deserve to spend your hard earned money on what will build the life you want. Saving is Delayed... Continue Reading →


The Two Sides of a Money Mindset: Part One

In Monday's post, we discussed how the millennial generation is objectively worse off than the generations before it based on the results of a Federal Reserve study in the Fall of 2018. With all of the obstacles stacked against the individual trying to create financial stability, it's essential to discuss mindset. Getting into the right... Continue Reading →

Money in the Media #5

Student Loan Debt: The Multigenerational Effects on Relationships and Retirement In this week's Money in the Media Monday, I'm taking a look at the TIAA article "Student Loan Debt: The Multigenerational Effects on Relationships and Retirement." This TIAA and MIT Agelab study brings to light the domino effect student loans are having on the personal... Continue Reading →

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