Our Debt Free Journey: We Did It!

The journey to debt freedom is step 1 for those wishing to pursue a life of financial independence. My wife and I are happy to announce that we have finally reached this step!! I found the FIRE movement back in early 2015 after I had paid off my own credit card and student loan debt.... Continue Reading →

Will You Be My FI Valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! To get those warm and fuzzy feelings flowing, I wanted to get in touch with how money can influence relationships, both for better and for worse. Romantic, right? According to a study performed by MagnifyMoney in 2017, money causes 21% of all divorces. This is a larger percentage than even infidelity.... Continue Reading →

Crappy Salad or Aston Martin?

This is the true story of my former coworker, John. John is a car guy. I also love cars so we talk about them all the time. John also recently reached mortgage free life (yay!!) at age 57 and will be beefing up his retirement savings for the next 8 years or so since he... Continue Reading →

How to Talk about FI

Pursuing Financial Independence (FI) proves to need a completely different mindset in relation to spending money and time than most. I don't want to make the broad statement that it is better, it is just different. A different set of choices, based on different options that most of today's working class may not even know... Continue Reading →

What is FI Anyway?

So far on the blog, I've spoken a lot about pursuing Financial Independence (FI) and how important it can be to living a happy and fulfilling life, but what does it really even mean? Financial Freedom The best way to describe Financial Independence is being in a state of freedom from financial stresses.  This can... Continue Reading →

My FIstory

Everyone has a story that explains a bit about why they are the person they came to be over their lifetime.  Mine has lead me to a path of pursuing FI.  My story is no more remarkable than anyone else's, but with some minor optimizations I've been able to change not only my life, but... Continue Reading →

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