Benefits Questions Starter Pack

This past weekend, I was at a friend's birthday party. While in a conversation with some new friends, the topic of money came up. As we talked, I realized that most of them didn't really understand their own benefits packages from their full time employers. I've had this experience several times and seen that there... Continue Reading →

The Forgotten Insurance

My dad said my name today... Normally, this would not be such an amazing feat. There were times in my life when I dreaded hearing him yell my name because it meant I had been caught doing something wrong. Now, I'd give anything for it. It had been so long since the last time he's... Continue Reading →

The $280,000 Conversation

This is the story of a very naive 22 year old Emily whose first boss set her on the path to earn more than a quarter of a million dollars over the course of her career than she thought she deserved. * Gazes off into the distance as the scene changes* I love me some... Continue Reading →

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