Welcome to Fierbird Finance!

For those of us who are sick of the 9-5 and are looking for “something more”, welcome!  That something more could be the freedom to take a lower paying job that’s more fulfilling, spending more time with family, or traveling the world.  Whatever your “something more” may be, whatever drives you, is the why behind your life and should be the why behind your finances.

Hi! I’m Emily, a financial coach working towards my “something more.” For now, that means striving to get out of the ‘trading time for money’ cycle. Then, as I build my future family, along with my amazing wife, Kayla, I’ll be more present for my kids and better able to pursue other interests, like traveling and spreading financial literacy.  

What I strive for on this journey may change over time, but for now I just want to be able to give myself and my family options for the future; allowing us to make more choices that don’t need to be driven by the size of our wallet.

Where Do I Start?

You might read what I have above and think. “That’s great. I want to pursue this kind of financial security and freedom as well, but where do I start?” Great question! Here are some of the articles that I’ve written for those just starting out.

For further reading, please check out my the blog post archives!

Take a look at these posts and then if you have any questions on your specific situation, reach out to me either by requesting a coaching session or through my contact page. I’d love to work with you to see if together we can use money as the tool to build the life you deserve.

The best is yet to come!

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From our 2016 trip to Peru last year. We hope to travel a lot more on our journey to and after we reach FI.